Tired of dealing with fibroids?

Hysterectomy & myomectomy are not the only options.

Acessa is the fibroid treatment

women have been waiting for.

You deserve it!

Make your appointment today for the Acessa Procedure for Fibroids

What is the Acessa Procedure?

  • Outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia
  • Uses radiofrequency ablation under laparoscopic ultrasound to destroy fibroids
  • Performed by expert surgeons

Step 1: Two Small Incisions

Step 2: Identify Fibroids

Step 3: Destroy Fibroids

I’m considering Acessa, what’s next?

1. Find a Physician Who Offers Acessa

Skilled surgeons across the United States offer Acessa – find one here.

2. Call And Schedule An Appointment To Talk About Your Treatment Options

You deserve a physician who offers all the options.

3. Together, Decide What Treatment Option Is Best For You And Your Family

During the consultation, if you and your physician determine Acessa is the right option for you, they will work with you to figure out insurance coverage and schedule the procedure.

Meet Some of the Acessa Procedure Physicians

Meet the Acessa Physicians


“The Acessa Procedure really is the answer for fibroids, especially for women who don’t want a hysterectomy”



“Before the Acessa Procedure, I was not able to go out. There’s been such a dramatic improvement since then. I noticed results immediately!”


Make your appointment today for the Acessa Procedure for Fibroids