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Goodbye Fibroids is committed to shining light on the stories women rarely share about fibroids. From the personal questions you’re asking yourself to the discussions you’re having with your doctor to the the ways your can empower women to raise their voices, there are many ways you can spread the word about saying Goodbye Fibroids.

1 Talking to your doctor for the first time about fibroids? Curious about what options they have for you? We recommend these questions:
Do I need treatment and if so, what are the options?Will treatment affect my fertility?When should I seek treatment?What is the chance I will need another surgery to treat fibroids?What makes me a good candidate for each procedure?

2 Goodbye Fibroids is partnering with The White Dress Project to promote fibroid awareness.
Explore a number of ways The White Dress Project’s mission of “providing support, education, and hope for women living with uterine fibroids” can help you, including:

3 Knowing that you aren’t alone in dealing with fibroids is just as important as knowing how to handle them.
Not only can you inspire hope in those who might be questioning their next steps, but you can be a source of knowledge and insight for other women. You can share your story, questions, and thoughts online with #GoodbyeFibroids.

4 Don’t let fibroids make dealing with insurance harder than it already is. Here are some ideas to help make sure you’re covered with any and all treatment options.
By signing a petition you can help encourage your insurance company to cover more treatment options.

Or contact an insurance specialist.